Linux Gazette™ April 2000

This is a modified reprint of a Press Release Recently Published Online in The Linux Gazette. (Linux Gazette is the online version of Linux Journal ˆ See April 2000 Issue for the press release.) We have modified it to reflect name changes from HKS CCVS to Red Hat® CCVS, and various other recent changes.

A new e-commerce server, and how the company uses Linux

Penguin Commerce® a division of Internet Technologies, Inc. (INTTEK) has developed a highly effective E-Commerce System with the ability to work directly with Red Hat® CCVS. For more information, visit our site: Visit for a working commercial example. The site sold almost $1000.00 in golf equipment the first weekend it went live. More examples will be coming soon. The System is hosted on a remote Application Server -- The only required on-site hardware/software is a PC and Web Browser. No knowledge of HTML is needed.

Technical Overview:

Penguin Commerce uses proprietary Software Developed by Internet Technologies, Inc.

Penguin Commerce is also based on the following:

Red Hat® Linux (currently running on 5.2)

Apache/SSL Secure Web Server -- (based on Red Hat® Secure Server with modification) Our secure web servers run a customized version of the Red Hat® Secure Server release. We continually upgrade and improve these servers for maximum security.

MySQL Database Engine

PHP Version 4 (including custom Inttek extensions) & C

Various types of Open Source Image processing software

PGP Encryption Technology - PGP is used throughout our E-Commerce solutions to provide security for sensitive data. For example, before customer credit card numbers are stored in the MySQL database, they are encrypted to ensure privacy in the event that the data transmission to the MySQL server is compromised.

Red Hat® CCVS (including custom network connection program)

Red Hat® CCVS software runs on a separate server, connected to the secure web server via a private Ethernet connection utilizing non-routed IP addresses. This, plus aggressive packet filtering, guarantees that the CCVS server is available for connections from the secure server only. All access to the CCVS server is controlled to prevent unauthorized access to any credit card numbers stored in plain text form.



Connections to the CCVS software are made through the standard Linux inetd service, which calls an intermediary program to translate commands and output between the secure web server and the CCVS software. This intermediate software, written in C with the CCVS C language API, is designed as an extra layer of abstraction, insulating the web programmer from the details of credit card processing, and generalizing the credit card processing interface. This will allow us to present a consistent interface to web designers and programmers, regardless of the details of our credit card processing implementation. Our intent was to keep the credit card intelligence on the CCVS server, not the web server.

An overview of the physical layout is as follows:


General Firewall (running RedHat® Linux)

Apache Web Server running PHP4 and MySql (we now support DB/2 Connectivity) running RedHat® Linux

Secure Server Running the RedHat® Secure Server Distribution

(Private Ethernet Segment)

Red Hat® CCVS Server Running CCVS and custom CCVS connection software (running Red Hat® Linux)

Modem with phone line to connect to Vendors Merchant Account (For security purposes, the Red Hat® CCVS Server will not accept incoming phone calls via the modem)

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